Welcome to Shazzam Creations

Here’s how this adventure came to light. (Thanks son!). This hand-made business came about with the encouragement and support of my children and husband. My husband has always encouraged us to create a platform so that we can be independent self-employed entrepreneurs. I am currently working with my eldest daughter in her business which has then inspired me to take that next leap in life to create my very own business.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what walks of life you
come from or how old you are, we can all take that leap
and follow our dreams ❤

I have a passion for creating and an eye for detail. I Love how pieces and colours come together to make the perfect combinations. I use many different types of materials to create lovely pieces that stand out and to also make a statement to your next outfit. To see the end results in each piece is a great achievement in itself. In creating these pieces, I am able to therapeutically wind down and let my creative visions flow; it gives me relaxation time from the normal day to day grind. When I’m in my creative haven, I’m very pedantic in everything I do and create (As my daughters would say to me it is my OCD and perfection of things, haha) I put a lot of pride and love in every piece I design and create and so I look forward to sharing my creations with you and I hope you LOVE them just as much as I have loved creating them for you.

Thank you for supporting an Australian Business,
bringing my creations to you, for you!